2010 Legislative Exhibit Gallery

Selected Work from the 2010 Legislative Show
The 2010 Legislative Show was organized by the New York State Art Teachers Association in partnership with the NYS Alliance for Arts Education and in collaboration with the NYS Legislators to showcase the artistic achievements of students at the elementary through high school levels. Some students submitted work compatible with an optional theme Who We Are, set up in collaboration with the New York State Middle Schools Association (NYSMSA).

The exhibit was held February 22-26, 2010 with a February 23 opening reception in the "Well Area" of the Legislative Office Building in Albany, NY. Many legislators were present to congratulate and encourage student artists in their district. All students with work shown here completed an artwork release form and an artist's statement to explain their work.

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Work by Elementary Students
LegEX10 ES Anders Lewis Gr 4 RR Connor Elem Shannon Kiernan Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 ES Emma Novak Library in Winter Clinton Elem Lynn Hall Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 ES John Williams Guitar Skin Gr 5 Clinton Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 ES Kashmiraa Pandit Gr1 Hands, Howell Road Elem, Karen Martorama Thumbnail.jpg  

 Work by Middle School Students
LegEx10 MS Emrah Ljubijankic, Gr7 Van Gogh Tribute, Frankfort Schuyler MS, Donna Shuster Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 MS Figen Fettahliogliu Gr 7 The Mind of an Artist, Lucette Stapleton Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10_MS_Laterina_Liberatore_Gr7_Oceanside_MS_Lucette_Stapleton_Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 MS Marion Kelleher Gr 6 Cairo Thumbnail.jpg

 Work by High School Students
LegEx10 HS Adrianna Salatino Gr9 Frankfort Schuyler Donna Shuster Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 HS Amanda Lev, Gr 12 the Fibers of our Pastime East Meadow HS Heather Anastasio Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 HS Caitlin Kaminski Gr9 Wantagh HS Amy Sue McPartlan Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 HS Evan Peter Gr12 Maple Hill HSTeresa Hovich Thumbnail.jpg  

LegEx10 HS Jessica Lee Gr 10 Chelsea Vocational HS Kiri Bermack Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 HS Jinsol Ashley Ino Gr 11 Cathedral Central TimHeilman Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 HS Nicole Hernandez Gr 10 Chelsea Vocational HS. Kiri Bermackjpg Thumbnail.jpg  LegEx10 HS Patricia Markovaite Gr 11 Fashion Statement, Mattituch HS, Lee Harned Thumbnail.jpg

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