Art Educators' Pre-Conference

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Location: Adam's Mark Hotel

Registration Fee:
$95 member, $125 non-member, $75 student
Registration (includes, lunch, transportation to museums, entry fee, and docent led tour)

Registration deadline: November 1, 2018

Limit: 100 participants

8:00-9:00 Registration at Adam’s Mark Hotel

9:00-10:50 Session I: Envisioning Transformation in Art Education Practices with Indigenous Arts, K. Slivka

11:00-11:50 Session II: Transformative Engagement with works of Art, Z. Bowman,

12:00-1:00  Lunch at the Hotel for Everyone

1:00-1:30 Travel by bus (provided)

1:45-4:45 Session III: Off-site workshops at Burchfield Penny Art Center, Albright Knox Art Gallery, or The Darwin Martin House Complex.

5:00 Return to the Hotel


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Professional Development Credit

NYSATA is a NYSED approved Continuing Teaching and Learning Education (CTLE) Credit Sponsor/Provider. All participants will receive a certificate of verification for 6 CTLE hours. Please check with your district for any prior approval necessary.

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2018 Art Educators' Preconference

 Transforming the Experience of Place: 

Storytelling and Community Engagement

Join us on Thursday November 15, 2018 for a three-part preconference experience that will explore the personal experience and transformative powers of place within a social, cultural, and historical context. Workshops will provide the opportunity for art educators to explore methods of engaging students, exploring content, and the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts Artistic Process Components of Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting.

SESSION DESCRIPTIONS                                               

Session One: Envisioning Transformation in Art Education Practices with Indigenous Arts.
Presenter: Kevin Slivka Ph.D., Director of Art Education, SUNY New Paltz.

This session will examine several contexts specific to American Indian experiences with institutional representation, education, and the arts:

  • 19th century social order and prevailing ideologies
  • Boarding schools, pictographic artwork, and general curriculum
  • Desiring American Indian material culture and commodification
  • Museum representation
  • Collaborating with American Indian artists
  • Preliminary findings from an American Indian arts and literacy curriculum with K-1st-2nd graders
  • Redirecting Appropriation from American Indian cultures

Throughout the two-hour session questions will be prompted to encourage discussion, small break-out groups will occur, and interactive engagements with artwork, imagery, audio and video clips, will also be planned.

Session Two: Transformative Engagement with Works of Art
Presenters: Zachary Bowman, Manager of Education and Visitor Experience, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz

This Workshop will examine the methods of selecting and curating objects within the context of museums and explore the interactive and engaging activities utilized by museum educators to change perception and create personal meaning for students.  Participants will engage with museum and student generated objects using strategies and activities aligned with the Presenting, Responding and Connecting Standards.  Activities are designed to be utilized in both museum and elementary through secondary classroom environments.  

Session Three: Transforming the Experience of Place
Engagement with original objects to explore the personal experience and transformative powers of place within social, cultural, and historical context at the Burchfield Penny Art Center, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, or The Darwin Martin House Complex where participants will have the opportunity to understand:

  • how artworks are cared for and by whom, the criteria and methods used to select work for presentation or preservation, and why people value objects, artifacts, and artwork;
  • how presentation of artwork affects how the viewer perceives and interacts with the work;
  • how objects, artifacts, and artworks collected, preserved, or presented communicate meaning and function as a record of social, cultural, and  political experiences;
  • how objects, artifacts and artwork collected, preserved, or presented, cultivate

   appreciation and understanding.

NYSATA is a NYSED approved CTLE sponsor. Participants will receive a certificate of verification for 6 CTLE hours. All participants will attend all three sessions. Lunch is included with registration.


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