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2018 Region Elections Online

Elections are held for odd numbered regions in odd numbered years, and even numbered regions in even numbered years. If a position is vacant between elections, a candidate may be appointed by the Association President to fill out the term of that office. 

Candidates who are members in good standing may self-nominate. Please be prepared to include in your nomination a brief statement about your professional experiences and goals. 

Deadline for Self-Nominations is May 1.
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State Level Election 2018

Election Results are in! Winning candidates will begin their term of office July 1, 2018.

President Elect is a four year commitment: one year of service as President Elect, two as President, and one as Past President.

Treasurer is a two year term of office.

President Elect                                                                         

altVALERIE SAVAGE: President Elect
My vision for the future of NYSATA and the office of President-Elect embraces my belief in having a growth-mindset as new standards are implemented, creative and critical thinking concepts are explored, STEAM techniques are realized, and classrooms become student centered. Throughout my 33 years of classroom teaching, NYSATA has provided the professional growth opportunities, I have needed to be an effective teacher. I believe it is time for me to give back to an organization that has served me well.

With a growth mindset, we have the opportunity to increase NYSATA's membership and stress the importance of a collegial art educators' community. The implementation of the new state standards will provide opportunities to evaluate and strengthen classroom practice and introduce non-members to NYSATA resources.

As state treasurer, conference committee member, and standards trainer, I have experience with NYSATA's vision and goals. Through my experiences with NYSATA's finances, I have gained a true understanding of how NYSATA functions as an organization. This understanding will serve me well as President-elect and ultimately as President. For example, the current budget we developed is reflective of a continual focus on visual arts education, advocacy and service to NYSATA members. This has enabled me to understand how important the state initiatives and programs NYSATA provides are to members. My work in these areas is also reflective of my high standards and commitment to members' needs. I believe NYSATA should focus on continuing in areas such as the implementation of the standards, continued support for professional development in classroom practices, tools for advocacy, and strategies for STEAM implementation. In addition, we must also focus on the development of leaders at the local and state level in order to sustain growth and the strength of our organization.

As the state treasurer, executive board member, and past Region 2 Chair, I have experience and respect for the strengths and challenges of our 10 regions. As President-Elect I would work to provide additional region support. I believe encouraging members to participate in activities outside of their designated region, as well as working with collaboration tools such as Skype, and participation in open forum dialogue through social media, will strengthen NYSATA's effectiveness throughout the year..

NYSATA has always provided me with the tools needed to become an effective teacher who reflects on my classroom practices and embraces new approaches to classroom teaching. Recently, I experienced an unexpected time of reflection. My school suffered the sudden death of a wonderful young teacher. The morning students learned of the loss, my classroom became a gathering place.  I pulled out old canvas panels, paper and paint and encouraged students to use the materials if they desired.  Students began to talk, problem solve and create.  They were able to respond artistically to a tragic real-life event and a real-life situation. Would they have been able to respond in this manner if my classroom was not student centered?  Would they have been able to help non-art students use the materials in a responsive way? Would I have changed my teaching methods, if I had not experienced NYSATA collegial conversations and professional development over the years? I share this experience as just one example of how important I believe the mission of NYSATA should continue to be, in shaping the future of art education.

My continual work in the high school classroom, my work mentoring young teachers in my district, my past experience teaching at the college level and my active involvement at both the local and state level of NYSATA has prepared me for the position of President-Elect. I have always striven for excellence in my classroom and have been honored to receive recognition from my district as well as from Region 2 with art educator of the year awards. I would be privileged to serve as the NYSATA President-Elect and would work to serve you.

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Crhistine StegerCHRISTINE ATTLESEY-STEGER: Treasurer
I am thrilled to be given a chance to run for NYSATA Treasurer in order to give back to an organization that advocates for arts education,  students, and the  educators who serve them. I have had the honor of sitting on the Board of Trustees as the appointed Portfolio Project Chair and have had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the organization. This experience, combines with four years of as NYSATA Region 7 Treasurer and eight years as Wappingers Junior High School Central Treasurer, has prepared me to serve on an even deeper level with a broader scope.          

As long as I have been an active member of NYSATA, I have experienced nothing but support and encouragement. I have been given the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally because of this organization and the people who make it all happen. If I have the honor of being elected Treasurer, I will approach the position with a level of engagement that lives up to the award winning reputation of NYSATA.

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