2019 Election for State Officers

Deadline for Nominations for State Offices is March 1, 2019
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Responsibilities of  State Officers

2019 Region Elections Online

Elections are held for odd numbered regions in odd numbered years, and even numbered regions in even numbered years. If a position is vacant between elections, a candidate may be appointed by the Association President to fill out the term of that office.

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Self-Nomination Form (online form)

Questions? Contact the NYSATA Elections Chair at [email protected].

Vote in Your Region Election
Region Elections are coming soon.
Odd numbered region elections occur in odd numbered years. Even numbered region elections occur in even numbered years. All terms are two year terms.

Please vote for officers ONLY IN YOUR OWN REGION. Information about each candidate appears on the ballot.

Not sure of your region? Click Here for a list of regions by county.

State Level Election 2019

Call for Nominations

We are currently seeking candidates for the positions of Vice President and Secretary. You can learn more about the qualifications and duties of Executive Officer positions by using the links in the right column of this page.

Using your talents in a leadership role can be a very rewarding experience. Please consider joining the NYSATA leadership team in the coming year. If you are interested in more information about serving in either of these positions, please contact Janice Wiggins, NYSATA Elections Coordinator, at [email protected].

To nominate yourself for one of these positions, please submit a Self-Nomination and Standardized Vita Form along with a photo of yourself suitable for publication on our website elections page to [email protected] by March 1, 2019. Thank you for your consideration of this very important call for nominations.

Vice President                                                                         

Nominees coming soon.


Nominees coming soon.


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