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Reconnect with your artist within by participating in our Art Challenges. 

Current Challenge
NYSATA Art Challenge #4: Working with Stencils

Stencils are a fun way to create with so many different mediums. Use with paint, ink, molding paste, on paper, fabric, most any material. We invite you to use your imagination to make own hand made, hand cut stencil to create a hand stenciled piece of art of your choosing. The final piece can be 2 or 3 dimensional just as long as stencils were used in the creation of the piece.

Remember, this might be a fun entry for the 10” x 10” NYSATA Conference Members Exhibition!

The rules: 

  • Create your own original hand cut stencil out of any material that you see fit- cardstock, mylar etc…  and use it to make your own original piece of art.
  • Your entry can be 2 or 3 dimensional but the stencil design must be evident in the work.
  • Submit a high-resolution digital image (minimum of 1000 pixels in any direction, maximum file size 10 Mb) of your finished piece as well as one of your hand cut stencils by December 10, 2021 at
  • Our juror will select three winners. The three winners and additional entries as space allows, will be published in the next issue of the NYSATA News and the winning artists will receive a Blick Art Materials gift card.
  • There is no entry fee for this challenge but the work must be created by a NYSATA Member.
  • By entering the challenge, you agree to allow NYSATA to publish images and information about your work.
  • New extended deadline is December 10, 2021.

Questions? [email protected].

CLICK HERE  to Submit Your Entry 
Past Challenges
Art Challenge #3: Make it Wearable

Wow! We got some fun entries for this one! Our guest juror, Kate Sydney  ( had a hard time choosing from the entries submitted. You can see most of the creative entries we received on our Padlet site at

Here’s what Kate had to say about the winners she chose:
It was wonderful to see the variety of work submitted for this challenge. There were so many different ideas of what wearable art could be. 

  • I loved the mixed media and innovation of using recycled paintbrush hairs in combination with the wood and silver in Corey Fong’s necklace, Bristle. 
  • In Sarah Zakalik’s piece, And the Universe Expands, I loved the interaction of the words and the structure of the necklace and how she transformed old books to make something so beautiful and wearable.
  • Mary Brodersen’s Evening Jacket is exquisite. I was drawn to the intricacy of the design and the craftmanship in the pattern.


Here are the three winners Kate selected:

Sarah Zakalik 

Sarah Zakalik
(Region 2)
And the Universe Expands

Necklace made of Book Pages, Book Cover, Elmer's Glue, Sterling Silver Clasp


Corey Fong 

Corey Fong
(Region 6)

I wanted to create a playful interaction between recycling and the human body. Recycled paintbrush bristle, ebony wood, and a hand fabricated silver chain adorn the neck and extend outward resembling the hairs of a caterpillar, highlighting the elegant curvature of the neckline.


Mary Brodersen 

Mary Brodersen
(Region 9) 

Evening Jacket

Sample tapestry squares redesigned into jacket pattern.

Art Challenge #2: A Little Me! 

The winning entries for the second NYSATA Art Challenge were chosen in November by our juror, mixed media artist Deb Weirs, ( We had so may wonderful entries for this challenge, it was hard for her to narrow it down to Just three. The winners are:

Hanging In There

Katie Brown
(Region 2
Hanging in There

Mixed media watercolor painting with book pages, paper, and twine.

I Contain Multitudes

 Mollie Fox 
(Region 8)
I Contain Multitudes

Tunnel book, acrylic and paper collage depicting a self-portrait made up all that has come before her and all that will come after. The original is 10” x 10” and in a book format where one may flip through each generation in order.

I am Enough

Dianne Knapp
(Region 7)

I Am Enough

Mixed media stenciled underpainting on watercolor paper, gesso, acrylic paint, fern prints, paper collage, pressed flowers, and feathers.