The Maker Movement began to grow in 2005 and since then Maker Faires and Maker Spaces have been popping up everywhere! As Art Educators, we encourage creating.  As Art Educators who encourage STEAM, I believe we can take the idea of a Maker Space further.

Using the exquisite examples of the great minds of Da Vinci and Picasso, I would like to encourage the establishment of Innovation Stations in our art rooms in lue of Maker Spaces. Da Vinci and Picasso were artists who thought deeper. They pushed their minds, integrated, collaborated, and reached higher. Who wouldn’t want that for their students?

An Innovation Station would incorporate the use of“Mind Prompts” to encourage students to think deeper while creating.  Such as : “How does it Transform?”,“How will it Integrate/Interface?” “How can it Upgrade?” The station should be equipped with a variety of exploratory materials that allow students to indulge in cross-discipline creation: Legos, recyclables, circuits, fiber, crafts, computers/tablets, ect.

The primary encouragement is that Innovation implies mind first. Make is fine, but as Art Educators we are capable of pushing deeper. So I welcome you to use resources on this page to begin your Innovation Stations and share your results on our Facebook page! Integrate, Collaborate, Share, Grow. STEAM on!

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Resources and Links

STEAM Position/Purpose Statement 
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